7 days post biopsy and colscopy/ pungent smelling discharge

I didn't have any initial issues with bleeding or any abnormal discharge but then yesterday (5 days post biopsy) that coating they put on the cervix came out in one piece (horrifying btw, they didn't tell me that would happen and I thought I was having a miscarriage or something). Anyway, long story short the discharge turned really foul smelling after it came out. I'm guessing infection but I hate having to call and wait to get in again to get checked out. On top of that I'm early in my pregnancy and worried about an infection causing a miscarriage. Anyone have anything similar?


I had similar experience after my LLETZ ( I wasn't pregnant though). Rang my GP (I'm in the UK) and they send a script for antibiotics to my pharmacy. All settled around 6-7 days since I started the course! 

If you are in early pregancy ring your GP - they will be able to help :) 

Hope everything will go smoothly for you 

Take care