7 cm tumour

Hi Ladies,

Hope your all good on this sunny aFternoon.

I was wondering if any one here has had successful outcome.  My cc is grade 3 stage 2b 7cm tumour.  My consultant is non committal.  He just says it a large tumour nd ater the chemoradiotherapy he will take me to theater,under anestetic and have a feel to see what has happned




suzy xx

Hi. I was stage 4 a with a 7cm tumour.  My first scan after treatment showed no evidence of tumour x 

Hi Phileepa,

Thats fab news, so happy for you.  Thiss cc is so hard to deal with, all the worry etc.  I cant beleive I was so stupid and did not go back for further smeat following having a borderline changes one.  I am a nurse and worked for the nhs for 33 yrs. Always to busy working or looking after the childr3en.  So cc is all my own fault.

I retired last Aug on health grounds to to bad jionts and fybromyagia.  Cant beleive I have yhis when I should be enjoying not working, My husband left me aswell recently for someone we were both friends with, she is 23 yrs younger then him so that has been hard.

But onward and upwards so they say

Suzy xx

Oh Suzy, I just wanted to send you a virtual hug xxxxxx I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Xxxxx

I was stage 2b with a 7cm tumour also, three years I've been clear, remember being told big tumour after surgery like it was something to be proud of xx

I'm Stage 2b adenosquamous with a large tumour. I just started my chemo-rad today. I haven't managed to find out how large yet ?? I was only told it was too big for the normal surgery.

Do any of you ladies actually feel it ? I'm very uncomfortable if I sit down too hard or quickly !

Now wen I look back I see had symptoms, pressure on my bladder, uncomfortable depending what way I waa sing, frequently needing to pee all the signs were there but hindsight is a wonderful thing xx