6weeks no biopsy results!

Hi everyone had a colopscopy 6weeks ago had a Lletz on the same day was told 4 to 6 weeks with backlogs etc is this wait normal i dont believe in no news is good news as smear was 5 months an i had abnormalities any info appreciated as going out of my mind thanks in advance xx


I just came across this post and was wondering if you’ve heard anything yet?

I cant believe you waited so long for pap results, im hoping youve not had to wait ages again, i had my lletz 3 and a half weeks ago and was told 10-12 weeks for the results. Let me know how you got on xxxx

Hi @Jelly im still waiting its been 10 weeks yest but i had alot of chasing to do with my smear results an i dont want to go through that trauma again i spoke to my doctor 2weeks ago an nothing recieved from hosp only thing i had my lletz precedure done the day i went up only cause i asked for it i was allowed to be monitered for 6 months but i was so afraid i asked to take whatever minor changes away an they did there an then i was lucky that way an i can only assume there not rushing results out to me because iv had procedure done usually they wait on biopsies then do procedure but mine was other way round cause i asked to remove due to my fears an anxiety of whole thing! The waiting times is a joke have you had yours yet?xx

Hi Jelly and GD1,

Any results for you both yet? Just hit 4 weeks waiting time for my biopsy and it’s driving me mad!


Hi @7991 i finally got mine at the 12 week mark it said the biopsies had shown abnormalites which were the same as what appeared in my smear an that the lletz procedure i had done should be sufficent enough to treat it il be recalled in 6 months to make sure treatment has worked try not to panic i was assured by the hosp if anything was very major i would be contacted asap xx

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