6month review results..

Hi All,

had my 6 month colposcopy today, to see if any changes had occurred. The consultant said she thought it was much better than last time, to the extent that I have a 'perfect cervix'. However she opened up the canal and said she could still see HPV inside. She therefore said she still classes it as low grade not moderate as the referral smear said 6 months ago. So she took anther smear and said we'l wait to see the results of that before planning next steps.

My punch biopsy results from previous (I found out today specific details but was too anxious to think at the time) just showed viral changes.. 

so all in all a positive outcome. I am wondering however, if HPV causes the abnormal smear and 'moderate' changes, not necessarily CIN ? Is it possible I just have a flare up of HPV (due to a Lapse in immunity last summer)?

Also, has anyone ever had HPV in the canal? It amazes me how they are able to see all of this.. but I always think of the questions after!

thanks in advance


Hi All. 

Just an update, and good news story which I  wanted to share to give some hope to those in a similar situation. Following on from my second colposcopy, I've now received my results which have come back negative with no high risk HPV detected. 

From my initial smear 8 months ago saying I had high risk moderate changes to now, with negative  the results and no treatment. Relieved is an understatement.

thanks for the support along this short but worrying time.

good luck to you all 

L x