6 year HPV positive

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some reassurance…

I started having smears as soon as I was invited (I’m now 33) and had clear smears every 3 years up until 6 years ago.

My smear result was positive for HPV but with no cell changes, so I moved to screenings every year. For 3 years my results came back as HPV positive but with no cell changes but, as the result was still positive I was sent for a biopsy to be sure. Following this no changes were detected and I was discharged back to 3 year screenings.

I’ve just had the result back for my first screening after the 3 years, which is HPV positive AGAIN, but thankfully still no cell changes.

I’m getting worried though as my body is seemingly still not able to clear the HPV. Is it normal for it hang around so persistently? Am I more likely to develop cell changes as a result? I’ve never smoked, I eat pretty well, and exercise often but am still struggling to shake the nervousness that there must be a reason I’m not able to shake the HPV.

Has anyone else had it persistently but it’s cleared?


I haven’t cleared it yet but I am going to follow your post, hopefully we will hear from people who have! I am sure people must do otherwise surely every previously HPV positive woman in their 60s and beyond would be having problems?

I having been looking for information about clearing persistent HPV, if I find anything useful I will put it here xx

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Hi all, I’m back again as was negative in May, one year after testing peptide for the first time and then now in Dec I’m positive again. I thought I had cleared it. I can’t find much info on it coming back once it’s cleared. Feeling a bit down

Hi brunetteteacher
Sorry to hear that :frowning: were your tests your smears? That’s quite close together may and December xx

Yes I had an nhs one which was negative in May and the. A positive Superdrug one just now. Not sure if false positives are a thing I think it’s more likely my negative in any was false

Hi brunetteteacher I saw your post on another thread
Sorry to hear about your positive result
Could you ask your GP what kind of test the NHS used and then ask Superdrug what kind of test they have? My understanding is there are two kinds of tests MRNA and PCR

Thanks @cloverradio inhadnt thought about the two types of test being different. I’m thinking now I will have to pay for private smears/colposcopies yearly as I had a negative nhs and won’t be recalled for 3 years

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I’ve just looked at the Superdrug vs nhs. It doesn’t actually say which type of test just that it’s different from the nhs one as tests for more strains. Mine isn’t 16 or 18 but another high risk type. Does anyone know whether nhs just test for 16 and 18?

My understanding of the NHS tests is that most of them test for multiple high risk types, these are the tests:
I think only the Hologic is an MRNA test but which test is used depends on your location
If you google your location and ‘cytology’ it should say where your smear gets sent, then you can google that location along with HPV and UKAS (they certify lab tests) which should tell you what the local lab uses.
For example Bristol for the south west uses the Hologic system

Hopefully Superdrug will be able to tell you what test they use too