6 weeks after LLetz

Hello Everyone, thought I would post as I am now coming up for 6 weeks after what i now call the loathsome lletz experience.  I wasnt at all prepared for mine and found the whole thing horrendous.  I cried and  cried and felt so emotional for a good couple of weeks afterwards.   I also had a week off work afterwards.  Anyone who feels like this do not consider yourself feeble at all.  The paperwork seems to imply that it is not big deal but I found it was very stressful and emotional.  I waited 2 weeks for my results which are basically to tell you whether the whole lot of the bad cells are removed and whether they have found any cancerous cells within ( I am not medically trained but I asked the secretary after my app)  my results were good and I am now referred back to GP for 6 month smear.  The waiting for results is really hard.  I bled a lot especially around 10- 11 days after and having  to use pads for 4 weeks is dreadful and makes you sore i found.  to be honest i am only feeling like my normal self around now.  Im still really worried about whether this is going to come back and have spoken to my Doctor who has basically said I must put it behind me and there is nothing I can do to prevent it.  For anyone out there who is still waiting for results I wish you all the best, take time and look after yourselves and if anyone has any questions on any of it please contact me and I will help if I can.  As i say I am not medically trained but have googled a lot since all this.  Sending love to everyone feeling rough xxxxx

Hi i had my 1st lletz around 4 weeks ago and wow i found it emotional after this all started from my first smear test in late july this year., then 2 week after got told to go in for results. They told me its good and bad.. the bad was that i had the "c word" the good was that it got removed.. i had no idea what to feel again every emotion ran through me. With all of this i have had couple hours off work for apts.

Today i had to have 2nd lletz which i found even more unplessant the local anastetic really hurt and being 2nd time i knew how it felt they then went on to do which lletz which i felt the area wasnt fully numb. So of course i started crying like crazy and all day iv cried at my mum i cant get over all these apts its all gone so serious and treatment after never really being ill in my life.

I feel silly but i feel i need time off im stressed sad worried, feel vialated, vuntable do you i should go docs and ask boss for time off i then stress more about work and them getting pissy when i just want to be back to my bubbly self  xxxx

So 4 weeks with pads and starting from today looks like another 4 to go im fed up of them and yes i find like u say makes u sore!! I know have to wait 4wks for another letter i just feel work and others dont understand mentally stressfull and worrying it is :(

Hi Charx so sorry that you had to go in for another lletz, I cannot even imagine how awful that must be.  I really hope your results come through soon and its good news.  I know exactly how you feel  stressed, violated, sore and totally peed off.  I definitely think if it will help take some more time off work, sometimes i guess it can help take your mind off it by going back but if not then stay off.  Rest up and take good care of yourself.  Its a really hard time and you need time to get over it.  Do you know why they needed to do the second lletz it seems odd if they got it all first time?.  Bless ya sending lots of love take care xxxxxx

Aw thankyou for reply!! Im no good at this website and never know how to tell if people have replied lol. I ended up taking a week off work, i think throught out it all i tried to stay my bubbly self about it all so when i had my 2nd lletz it all just hit and reality kicked in! I think the week off helped me even though i spent most of it crying so FOR ANYONE who feels they need TIME OFF just do it, itw only us who can truly look after ourselves!! 

18days since 2nd lletz now and i had the normal brown discharge but today my pads have been bright red!?!?!!?!?! What does this mean? I didnt have this on my first lletz!?! 

Well im not really sure why they wanted to do a 2nd lletz (after my first results the consultant told me they obv try not to do 2 as it can cause complications with pregnancy in future) then 2 weeks later i had a call to say they wanted me to have 2nd lletz :/ consultant said they past on my notes to womens cancer specialist and they wanted it done but she just said precautionary reasons.. but all i can think while i wait is why did she make it seem so bad to have 2 and then tells me its just precautionary!? She also said it was to check margins but they told me before that they were clear :/ so so stressful.

So nice to have this site to talk to people who understand how it feels! Hope ur well take care xxxx