6 week check up

Hiya ladies hope you our all doing good!! So I had my 6 week check up today and no physical exam! Which I was was surprised about because it seems alot of woman have 1 at this check up. my oncologist was just asking me how I'd been since treatment had ended she told me my mri will be the middle of November some time and that I will get the results on the 1st December!! So keeping everything crossed!! Was at my Drs last week and he sent me for blood tests, it came back am slightly anaemic so im on iron tablets also they tested my hormones level and I'm officially going through the menopause! so my oncologist wants me to go on hrt because of my age. So I guess Ive just gotta sit tight now and wait for my mri! So so nervous!! 

Anyways take care ladies


Hi Dominique,

I didn't have an internal at my 6wk check up.She said that I had been

through enough and its really just to ask questions and see if you are doing ok.

Just to say,the iron tablets give me constipation!! I take a liquid iron supplement

form the health food shop,it has extra vit's in aswell.So if you find this happens to

you it's another option ;-)

Hope you are doing ok and been kind to yourself

Love Becky xx

Hi Dominique

To echo Becky I also didn’t have an internal at my first post surgery/brachy check up, my consultant thought it would be too sore!

Good luck with your MRI, the waiting is awful but you will get there and I’m sure it will be good news :slight_smile:

Love Ali x

Thanks ladies for your replies. And thank you becky for the tip! Xx


I'd totally forgotten about iron and constipation, even Guinness does it!

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