6 week check up still bleeding?

Hi All,

I went for my 6 week post treatment check up today and when the consultant did an internal examination I bled quite a lot which concerned him even though he said my cervix felt clear he said the bleeding was concerning so he has brought my scan foreword by 3 weeks. Just wondering has this happened to anyone else and what the outcome was good or bad?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, whilst I bled profusely at both diagnostic vaginal examinations before my treatment, that didn't happen at my one month follow up after treatment. However, we are all unique individuals so either of our outcomes could mean something and nothing. Given everything that's been zapped at and poked up there, the tissue is bound to be very fragile. It sounds like your Consultant is being appropriately cautious and hoping the earlier follow up scan will help to clarify the progress made.

It's hard because it's not as if there's anything you can do about it right now, which must be frustrating but at least it's better this way than if he had left things without this earlier follow up, especially if further action is needed. The perpetual waiting's a real emotional roller coaster though isn't it!