6 months repeat - from when



I have recently had LLETZ treatment in May and had my results that they removed all Cin 3 and to go to my local GP in 6 months for a repeat smear. I don't want to sound stupid but do I do it 6 months after my LLETZ treatment or from my first intial smear which was back in February.

Any information would be much appricated.







Hi Jugs,

I had my smear at the beginning of May and LLETZ at the beginning of June and I was told to book my next smear in December, 6 months after my colposcopy and LLETZ. I would imagine it would be 6 months from LLETZ. 

Thank you Becky, I wasn't sure and didn't want to seem stupid.



No worries, its ok and not stupid sometimes information is not explained clearly and I know I've been a bit stressed and not taken information in. I found these forums a great place to find anything you're unsure of.

I had my lletz in december 2016 i have today gone back to the hospital and had a smear test...7 weeks for results x

I thought the same thing. I had Lleetz at the end of Jan, but waited almost 2 months for my results. I asked my nurse a couple of days ago, and she told me it would be from the last appointment and not the date of the letters. 

When I got my results from the lletz I had an appointment in with it to go back to the clinic again(not my go) for a 6 months test for DNA hpv, I just taught that was normal but reading what ye are saying it's not