6 months post op - abdominal pain and bleeding!!


I’m wondering if anyone could help. I had a cone biopsy for CC stage 1 back in August. I’m due my 6 month check up in 3 weeks.

I have recently started bleeding after sex and in between periods. It’s not very heavy but I’ve been on contraceptive for years and have never ever had a spec of bleeding outside my period.

I’ve now got severe abdominal pain really quite low down similar to the pain after my treatment (not as bad!) but I’ve had a hot water bottle on it since last night to help ease the pain. It’s uncomfortable to lie on my side.

I left work early today feeling light headed and dizzy… I am really trying not to be paranoid or jump to conclusions but I don’t know what is causing these pains.

It’s like the feeling of being bursting for a wee and getting pains except I obvs don’t need to go.

Has anyone experienced similar? I really don’t want to go to my GP as they’re quite unhelpful.

Go and see your GP. Any unusual bleeding is best checked out, especially if you are also having pain. You know your body and if something feels wrong it's best to have it checked out x


I guess it's not want you want to hear, but I agree with Wendy that you should get checked out by a GP.  It think it helps to write down what you want to say or ask beforehand, as it's easy to forget things during the appointment.

Best Wishes



Hi, definitely get checked. It will be on your records that any abnormal bleeding should initiate an immediate referral to colposcopy. Better checked out xxxx