6 months post lletz referred back to colposcopy for HPV . Confused help !

Hi as title says I'm 6 months post lletz for Cin3 . 6 month smear normal cells but HPV positive . 

What does this mean? What will they do if cells are normal? Is my body supposed to have got rid of the HPV ? 

Has anyone ever experienced this ? I'm just so confused about it all and my googling has found  nothing . I'm so confused about what will happen in the future 


P x 


Last November I had LLETZ for CIN1 and went back 6 months later (May 2014) for 6 month smear. Like you the smear was clear but HPV still present.

I went back for a colposcopy last week (Sept 2014) and they decided not to repeat the smear but just to have a look and it seemed in my case that some mild changes were still visible. No biopsy was taken but they're just leaving it for 6 months to see if it clears up on its own.

I was told during the consultation before the examination that if everything looked OK they might just want to see me every year for smear tests.

I agree though, it is very confusing and I think some of the confusion is because HPV testing is a relatively new thing. I presume that in the past they would have just done a smear test at 6 months and if it was clear they'd have put you straight onto annual smears for a while and you wouldn't have known that the HPV was still there.

I think yes, your immune system would ideally fight off the HPV virus but it could just be that it is taking a bit longer to do that. I was advised to 'boost my immune system' by taking vitamin C and drinking green tea. Not sure how big a difference these things make but I already take strong vitamins so I'm happy to add in some extar vitamin C and some zinc.

When is your next colposcopy appointment?

My colposcopy appointment is next week. Don't feel too bad because of the  'normal' result but yer there is a part of me worrying about them finding something else. I got my bloods testing at my gp as I had health paranoia after the CIN3 but all that was found was that I had low folate levels? . Ok I'm going to get me some green tea and multi vitamins :)  did the clinic tell you what type of hpv you have or was it in your letter? I've never been told


No, they didn't tell me the type - I should have asked - all they said was that it's high risk HPV (and that's all it said in my letters) but not type 16 or 18, which are the types found in 70% of cervical cancers.

I can understand you feeling worried. I still feel worried about mine but keep reminding myself that the good thing is that they're keeping a close eye on things.

I have M.E so have a standard batch of blood tests done every year or two when I go and ask for it but they almost always come back 'normal'.

I think for me that getting a handle on my anxiety/stress might be helpful and would no doubt only be a good thing for my immune system too.

I've seen mention on this site that folic acid is another supplement that some people have found useful. I don't know any more than that but it just popped into my head when you mentioned low folate levels.

Good luck for next week. I'll be thinking about you and keep in touch on here if you need any support.

So I went for colposcopy and they found 'hpv changes' and were unsure if it was leading into the inner cervix so the Dr took a punch biopsy . After the biosy I was told that theses type of biopsys arnt very valuable and it will probably come back as unable to read :-/.    I asked whether this could be CGIN and got a confused look and half hearted answer. Something to do with the vinegar Sometimes highlighting normAl areas within the cervical canal due to cell shape. 

Still have a few weeks left until I'm expecting a letter, very stressed and very confused.  Think if it comes back inconclusive I will be even more confused :(