6 Months on - still a few niggles


Hey ladies

I hope you are all doing ok.

I am now 6 months post treatment and have a few issues I need some input with!


I am generally feeling pretty good most days but always seem to have some these same problems

Tight legs – they feel like I’ve run a marathon most days and like they really need a big stretch out. They also get sore if I stay seated in the same position for longer than 20 minutes.

I constantly feel sick – nauseous sick – do you think this is still my tum recovering? I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes me feel ill (food wise) but everytime I think I’ve found it, It happens again.

My skin – down there – is so thin and fragile – even using my dialators rips it sometimes and everything just gets so inflamed and red so easily – esp if I have an upset tum.

I know they are only minor things to deal with compared to what some people have but I was wondering if anyone had the same issues or had an ideas on new things for me to try.

Thanks ladies x x


Hi hun,

I felt nausea for 6 months or so after treatment and took stuff for it. i also found that sucking mint imperials or sherbert lemons helped. I am 2 years out of treatment and regularly get hip pains...if it concerns you, ask to be sent for a bone scan. Dilators are awful...but you need to use them I use lots of lube, and am trying a new thing called hyalofemme which I think is helping keep things a little less dry. Hopefully your uncoming scan next month will help put your mind at rest xx

Hi there,

I'm also 2b with same treatment as you, but 3 months 'younger than you in treatment terms.

I haven't experienced the exact same symptoms, but

1) Stomach issues - I have not been able to relate mine to any particular food consumption, but have noticed that after days where I have been moving around a lot it is usually a lot better behaved than days when I have been desk-bound. Have also taken up yoga to try and keep muscles/guts and all moving around to help aid digestion.

2) Skin issues - haven't had any problem.

3) Leg 'tightness' - Have this to a small extent, but again, moving around more and less sitting seems to help.

These are simple suggestions compared to the comprehensive response already posted by Annemieke but I hope it helps.

I get my first 3 month results this afternoon. Feeling positive but am also realistic, so we'll see what comes.

Best wishes to you


Best wishes