6 months on and still bleeding :-(

Hello, wonder if anyone can help/had the same? 

Basically had my second LLETZ in Dec where cc 1a1 was discovered, scans all came back fine and the LLETZ was deemed successful - phew. I got an infection within the first two weeks after the treatment and had 10 days worth of antibiotics. Everything seemed fine.

However, in the last 2 months I've started bleeding again. After sex is fine and it doesn't cause bleeding, it's just more spotting on a daily basis. I have no pain and there's obvious smell, just blood that's sometimes dark brown and then sometimes bright red. So weird. I haven't been to the GP as I'm booked in for my 6 month colposcopy a week on Tuesday and my GP is an absolute nightmare for messing up appointments. I lost a lot of faith in him when he cancelled my original colposcopy twice back in Dec when trying to sort out a refferal. So I'm just hanging on until my app at the hospital in fear of it being all screwed up again by the GP. Can't imagine I'd get an appointment much quicker now anyway so not worth trying. 

Has anyone had something similar who can put my mind at ease?

Thank you, Lucy x

Hi Lucy

I had abnormal smears for many, many years and repeated treatments. I finally got the all clear and then started with abnormal bleeding. I decided to pay to see a gynae doctor privately, as I was so sure something had been missed. I was absolutely convinced 'something' had to be causing it.

I had all sorts of tests done and scans etc. A long story short, it turned out to be purely hormonal. There is nothing that can be done about it and I still get the odd bit of spotting. I guess i'm trying to reassure you that there are all kinds of things that can cause abnormal bleeding but with everything you've been through it is very easy to think the worst.

Luckily your next colposcopy is very soon and hopefully your mind will be put at ease. I hope everything goes OK for you and you can soon begin to put this behind you.

Let us know how you get on.

Erika x

Hi Erika, 


Thank you for replying - that's how I'm feeling now, that 'something' must be causing it! Trying not to get myself worked up. I've had a full day today on absolutely no spotting at all, so I think it must be hormonal. I perhaps might ask the consultant at my colposcopy if she thinks it's worth maybe changing my pill for something else if it might help. 


Glad to hear you're ok now and you got the all clear. :-)

Lucy xx

Hi Lucy,

Can't really help you much here except to say can you not change your GP? Sounds like a nightmare! You can't be dealing with a GP who is incompetant, you have to have faith in your GP.

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli, I hope you're well.

Yes I have asked to change GP, I will be staying at the same practice but just changing GP as I really don't trust his judgement or even his ability to listen :-( 


Hi Lucy

I'm really well thanks :-)

Glad to hear you are making the switch, and even better that it's in the same practice - same travel and maybe somebody might sit up and take notice!

Be lucky