6 months later........

Hi to all


it's been six months now and recovery is going well.since my operation i do poo alot more and unfortunately i need to pass wind lots. i wonder if this is anything to do with the organs being moved during the operation ? perhaps i need change my diet? i have been trying eat well. i am back at work and sometimes have to hold my wind in which very painful.


thanks all xxx



Hi Deborah, 

I am not as far along as you are - I had my radical hysterectomy 3 months ago (1st Nov.) - but just wanted to let you know I have exactly the same issue. I get a lot of pelvic and abdominal pain with mine as well. I saw my consultant last week who told me that amongst other things, the op has left me with irritable bowel syndrome (my bowel is definitely not happy in its new position!) and possibly adhesions. He said it's possible that both will ease with time, but has recommended that in the mean time, I try Buscopan. I notice on the packet that you're not supposed to take it unless your doctor says so, so best not to just take my word for it - it could be worth going to your GP about it or asking your consultant next time you have a check up. 

The bowel is moved about a lot during a rad. hyst. and obviously is in a different position after you've had the op, so I suppose maybe it's not surprising it would get cross!

I hope it eases in time. You're definitely not the only one!!

Annabel. x

Hi Deborah

Sorry to hear that you're having some problems after surgery but just wanted to say well done to you for doing so well with your recovery and trying to get back on your feet again! Just take it slowly and like Annabel said, have a chat with your GP.

They do tinker about with our insides don't they???!! Embarassed


Thank you so much for your reply of course there's me thinking everything should be just perfect now. I will go and see the Doc I think. Thank you, take care of yourself. Deborah xxx

Thank you BeBe for your reply everyone is so kind. I just hope i'm not doing too much too soon, some tunes it's easy to do too much. Thank you again. Take care of yourself, Deborah xxxx