6 months after treatment and another lump found

I was diagnosed last August with 2b cervical cancer and within weeks had a radical hysterectomy, lymph node removal and followed up with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and brachy.

I had my 6 month check yesterday and Consultant found a mass visible on examination. I had also been experiencing some pain and more swelling in one leg than I usually get with the lymphoedema I got after treatment.

The Consultant was very quick and I was also examined by a surgeon within minutes and told I would have to have more surgery to remove the small mass within 2-4 weeks. They phoned the same day to say I also need to have another MRI on Tuesday.

Has anyone else been through this process so quickly after initial treatment/surgery? Not sure what to expect from the surgery as I didn’t ask all the questions as I was slightly shocked at the findings .

Would love to hear from anyone else who has been in this position. The lump is on the vaginal wall.


Hi Ziggy,

I am sorry to hear you have had such a fright. Lumps can be many things so it’s still possible it isn’t cancer but some kind of scarring. I guess they are biopsying the lump to see exactly what you are dealing with. The MRI will give details of the extent of the mass.

If it does turn out to be cancer it’s possible you will be offered curative surgery. It’s likely to be major and you will have to prepare yourself mentally for this but you will have a real chance of a bright future. You have little control over the process at the moment so focus on doing nice things and having the best time you can whilst the information as to what’s going on is being collated. You can’t change what’s happening but you can spoil yourself for a bit.

Love Karen x


Bless you Karen for always bringing light and support. I’ve been visiting this place for almost 4 years now and you’ve never failed to help us by bringing your advice and positivity. You are a godsend :rose::rose:


Ha ha! Thank you. I must be one of the longest survivors that still participates. I know I would have loved to hear from someone who had survived 26 years when I was 34! I am an old lady now!