6 month TOC

Good morning,
Just looking to see if anyone is around right now. I have my 6 month check up at colposcopy in a few hours and am having an emotional breakdown! My husband is away at the moment so I’ve dropped the children off at school and am just sat on my own at home with my thoughts.
If I was told I needed to go for a smear at my GP I would be fine but the fact I’ve got to go the colposcopy clinic is really making me anxious.
Not really sure why I’ve wrote this post but just needed to write it down :pensive:


Hi Marie, you aren’t alone! You will be absolutely fine and this smear will be over so quickly. Try to remember that most people come out of this with a total resolution, and need no further treatment is needed. And on the off chance that hpv is present, and more cells are found they will get rid of them for you. Stay strong and positive! X

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Hi Marie, sending you lots of positive thoughts for your colposcopy. There’s a lot of emotion attached to this whole journey so it’s completely normal for that to come up around these milestones. Hope you’re doing okay xxx

Hi there
Thank you so much for the replies today, I was so nervous. Had my appointment, she did a smear and then had a look, said she didn’t need to do any biopsies and to just wait for the smear results fingers crossed