6 month test

So i’m going for my 6 month post colposcopy smear test tomorrow morning…I was diagnosed with CIN3 in June. I’ve been fine about it until tonight, now i can’t sleep or relax enough. Is there a chance I could have the same diagnosis again? What have your experiences been? Thank you xx

Mine is in 2 weeks and I'm really anxious too.

The rational part of my brain likes statistics so this is what I have learned from extensive reading of all the studies I can get my hands on. At 6 months, there is a 20 - 40% chance of still being hpv positive .

Between 5 - 17% of women require further treatment at some point. 

The things that make both of these more likely are, having positive margins from your previous lletz, being a smoker and being older.

Here's to a good outcome for both of us. 


Hi Leah

I had my 6 month follow up last week after treatment for CIN2 in April this year. I felt much the same as you the night before but I could not understand why!

Upon examination, for whatever reason, the nurse did not like what she saw and I am being referred back to colposcopy. Although I am disappointed, I take comfort in knowing that I am in capable hands.

As Julia has advised, there is a possibility that further treatment may be required but this is dependent on a varying number of factors and of course, everyone will be different.

I hope that today goes smoothly for you.


Hello all I had my follow up appointment on 17th December & was told I would need another check up in a year if they find hpv again but if they don't find hpv I will have my next smear in 3 years. Was told I would get my results in 3 weeks time so am back waiting again! I think it's normal to feel nervous. Keeping myself busy as much as possible & trying to focus on the positives.