6 month test of cure

Hi ladies I'm back feeling anxious again, couldn't have got through it all without you so thought I'd check I  for some advice, I had my 6 month test of cure  yesterday after having CIN3 removed an I'm back to being anxious scared an crying all over again waiting for the results she said up to 3 weeks wait, they are testing for hpv also, nurse said my cervix as healed well from the lletz, I asked her if she could see anything an she said no can't see anything with the naked eye an all looks OK but still Im dreading the results, just wanted to know if anyone knows what the next step is if hpv positive as can't find anything g on line, leaflet that came with my letter says if no abnormal changes but positive for hpv it's yearly smears but nurse said back to colposcopy I'm so confused an nervous  I don't want to end up poorly with stress like last time xx

22/1/17 smear
14/2/17 abnormal results severe dyskaryosis
27/2/17 colposcopy done cin 3 found lletz procedure done
6/3/17 cin 3 gone all clear margins
Back in 6 months for further smear.

8/9/17 test of cure done waiting for results.