6 Month test of cure check-up

Hi all,

Bit of a background: I had yearly smears since I was 24, with high risk hpv being present throughout (I’m now 32). Last year in October I was told I had stage 1a1, so very early and I had two LLETZ procedures to remove the cells.

I’ve just had my test of cure smear and colposcopy done today at the hospital and they saw an area of over-granulation present, along with a polyp and suspected cervical stenosis - I never knew a smear could hurt that much! I don’t think it ever did previously.

I’m pretty positive I’m still cancer free after having my cancerous cells removed 6 months ago, but the worry seems to be the worst part!

I’m hoping the hpv has completely cleared and not made a return now!

I am also worried about the cervical stenosis, I would love more children, however, the nurse wants me to tell them if I’m actively trying and I’m wondering what they can do because surely there’s a raft of issues there? Maybe I’m overthinking?

Hoping there’s others who can relate and share their experiences and thoughts :purple_heart: