6 month test of cure after Lletz advice please!

Hi Ladies i had a Lletz procedure in Feb due to minor cell changes an HPV i was allowed to be monitered for 6 months but i opted to have cells removed im due to go back in August for a 6 month check up at hosp an a smear i assume has anyone else had this an how did you get on in back of my mind im crippled with anxiety about it as il know if Lletz worked or not i know this forum helped me loads before so thought id reach out again to any ladies in similar circumstances xx

I hope you’re coping OK with the anxiety. I have my test of cure in October and the waiting is hard, especially as I did not have clear margins. But I have been told I could still test negative. All we can do is take it day by day and hope. In some ways I feel at peace with it now (but that could change as Oct gets closer) and I accept that whatever will be will be, regardless of whether I lose sleep over it. I am trying to focus on what I do have and what’s happening now in my life. Easier said than done though, I know. Sending you all the best for your smear xx

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Thanks for the reply @KatieT :blush: iv been ok an i suppose thankful i had cells removed i was allowed to be monitored as consultant felt my abnormal cells an HPV would likely go away on there own as my HPV wasnt high risk but i was scared an just asked for them to be removed im in my late 30s an have kids so i just wanted them gone. My biopsys just said there was abnormal cells present but that my consultant was confident the procedure i had done was enough to treat it regardless i still worry its hard not to at times i hope you get on ok in Oct its nice to chat an get some reassurance with someone whos in same boat iv found this forum a great support xx ps sorry for late reply!