6 month smear

Hi all, well I had my six month smear results haven't come to me yet but are at GPS they said results are normal but need to go back and have repeat smear in 3 months, does anyone no why please . I was told last year I had cinii had leep/loop treatment so this was a smear plus test of cure i m worried about it. It just doesn't seem right that smear is normal and have to have a repeat in 3 months please help and thank you xx



It could be that you are still HPV positive and given your previous history they just want you to have another smear a bit sooner. Maybe give your GP a call to check.



Thank you for your reply,


I did ask this morning why and about the test of cure and they didn't say wherever or not HPV positive just need to go back in 3 months. I've done nothing but cry all day long cos of it I did the same last year with smear results and colopcopy, I hate this feeling 


As far as i'm aware, you would only be called back sooner with a normal smear if you did test positive for HPV. If you were normal smear and negatitive HPV, you would be sent back to 3 year recall.

Your smear is normal, which is great! There are no abnormal cells present. It is a good thing they are offering another smear at 3 months. This means they can keep a check to make sure the HPV does not cause the cells to regrow. Better to be checked sooner rather than later.



I think Erika has it. It can take quite a while to clear HPV apparently so they probably just want to check that the pesky virus is not messing with your cells until it completely disappears. I know it must be awful going for 3 monthlies but really good that you are not being put back on to the regular routine until they are absolutely sure you are completely clear. I obviously hope to come back clear in July but not sure how I will feel about getting 3 yearly recalls after that. I may pay for yearly ones if it comes to it! (Glutton for punishment eh?) it is a good system that on the whole works but doesn't stop it being scary.

Big hugs, hopefully the next one will be all good. They would have you in for a colpo asap if there was anything to worry about


Thanks ladies, means a lot xx