6 month smear after lletz

Does anybody know if when you have the 6 month check up, if they can tell straight away if it's ok or not?

ive read in some sites that they were told they could see more cells straight away?? And some even had more biopsies done?

any answers would be great thanks


Hi kim,

i had my 6 month check up in june, doctor thought she could see scar tissue, 2 weeks later got letter to say i have abnormallities again and have hpv virus

had another colposcopy 2 weeks ago, biopsys taken and waiting on the results 

Hi, when I had my 6 month check ups ( I have had a few - see below) I have just had a routine smear first then because more abnormalities were found I had another colposcopy appointment a few weeks later where they found the cells and removed them. Hope that helps.