6 month smear after LLETZ results confused

Hi ladies 

So 6 months ago i had LLETZ done to remove 3 areas that had shown as CIN3 i was also told that i was HPV positive and to go back to my GP in 6 months time for a follow up smear. So 3 weeks ago i did just that and then a few day ago i recived a letter saying that as i was no longer HPV positive so they did not test for any cell change. Yes i know i should be happy it seems to be good news and my partner is over the moon and dosnt seem to understand why i am upset and mad that they did not test for call change. Am i over thinking this and should i just be happy or am i right to be confused. Also they have said that i dont need to go back for 3 years to have my next smear which seem to be a long wait.

Firstly, well done! My test of cure is in January and this is the result I am crossing my fingers for!

The reason they don’t test for cell changes is that without HPV, any cell changes that might be there will not develop into cancer and will clear up on their own.

I too am nervous about returning to 3 year smears but the time period is based on good science. If I am lucky enough to get the same result as you, i am considering a private HPV test in between smears just for my own peace of mind.