6 Month review and HPV results waiting time?


I had my 6 month review smear and HPV test almost 3 weeks ago and i haven't had results yet. I have such a bad feeling and i am dying waiting! 

The nurse did say it was likely to take 3 weeks and to call if it goes closer to 4. I called yesterday and the receptionist said there is nothing on my records yet.

Do these results take longer? A friend seems to think it will because the sample gets tested twice. I'm an absolute wreck! 

Thanks in advance xx

Hi love

I know how horrible the waiting is! I am not sure what area you are in, I am in Surrey and it took nearly 4 weeks for my results to come back in. I think HPV testing was reasonably new to come in where I live so thats the only thing I could think of which is causing such a backlog!


hi, i have my 6 month follow up smear in 2 days, i had my first one 6 months ago at 24, was abnormal then had biopsy was cin3, they put me to sleep to do a full investigation and a large loop biopsy removal to double check it was only cin3 ( because of family history) came back it was just cin3, but im soo worried now for the results of this next smear!! i hope you get your results soon and all is well xx