6 month retest

Hi everyone

Was wondering if anyone could help me,

I had a smear 6 months ago & the results were abnormal - mild abnormalities. I had a smear and tested positive for HPV… my question is I received a letter today saying they havent ruled out abnormalities & to have a retest on Thursday, I had a biopsy the first time. In which they found the result of HPV

The letter had really worried me, the results didn’t say I have cancer or cancerous cells so why is he saying about abnormalities? Is he now saying I have cancer?

I’m so worried. Is a retest also normal.

Many thanks and well wishes
Laura x

Hi Laurajane20,

Sorry to hear you're having a worrying time with this! From what you've said, your doctor isn't telling you that you have cancer, it sounds more like they've picked up some abnormalities in your smear (which is very, very common by the way!) and they want to retest just to confirm that. Abnormalities could mean a lot of different things, but really they're talking about changes in the sample of cervical cells they've taken. Obviously depending on what they find will determine the next course of action. 

HPV and abnormalities are experienced by most women who go for cervical screening. I know it's really worrying for you, because you know what it could be a sign of but, if you can, just try to stay positive and just take it a step at a time - go for your retest and take it from there. 

Hope it goes ok for you, best wishes