6 month results !

Hi girls I hope all of you are fine ! I did not logged in since they changed new site :) I have some good & bad news! My 6 month check up was clear !! No more nasty cells but the bad news it's that I was tested for HPV and it came back positive :( ! In 19th of dec I got app with the doctor to s discuss the options I have ! As far as dr google say ... There is no treatment for HPV !! So ... I'm confused about what they want to talk to me about :) ! anyway because I was driving myself insane with all this I joined the gym and .... What a stress relief !!! I'm taking each day as its come ! No point stressing and worrying as ... What has to be it will be and I refuse to live my life in fear of what can happen Or will happen ! I changed a lot as a person since my first diagnostic & I learned who are my friends and who I can relay on ... So like they say everything happens for a reason !! best of luck to everyone ! Xxxxx

I'm thinking that what will be discussed will be the need for closer monitoring now that the HPV has been detected. Dr Google is right. There is no treatment for HPV, although I understand they are looking at seeing if the vaccine can help the body clear it once it's already there. They will most likely do 6 monthly smears until the virus is no longer detectable and to check for anymore abnormalities. I'm not sure what your research showed, but HPV can be cleared from the body or remain dormant in the body (and therefore be undetectable) for a long time, decades, even. It is very common and something like 80% of sexually active people have it and most never even know.


All the best. I hope everything works out well for you. *hugz*

Update! Unbelievable !! I just rang the hospital today to ask about my 19th appointment , I was passed to colposcopy unit again , and I was informed that the doctor will do the same procedure as he did before ! And will take some biopsy !! the only reason why I rang was cuz I'm taking some fat burners at the moment which have aspirin , so for my own peace of mind I needed to know if its just a chat appointment or anything else !! Now I don't get it why I'll get Lletz done again if my smear came back clear? And why in my appointment letter no one mentioned about Lletz again :( I'm really confused ! What will they remove ? 

Hi on my 6th month Colp back in July my smear came back clear but tested positive for high grade HPV :( no treatment was discussed with me all my Colp nurse said was I would have to keep coming back every 6 months for checks until I got a negative result! Is it possible to get a negative result with HPV? 

Gem xx

Hi , now this is strange , I don't understand why will they take biopsy again ! Anyway I'll find out more in 19th at my appointment .unless they did a mistake and my smear wasn't clear margins and now they don't want to admit it so I'll get another LLetz !! ... Xxx

Hi again!:slight_smile: I can’t believe it’s been 1 year 6 months since I was diagnosed with CIN3 !! It’s been a full period of ups and downs with lots of colposcopy appointments. Diagnosed with depression as well , Then I was discharged to my GP back to 3 years Smears , only to receive a letter last week that because I’m on high risk I need to have it done every year ! So I just did it Yesterday . Now again each time the post man is coming I’m wandering if he’ll bring me a good or a bad news ! I hate this feeling or waiting and thinking that the silly cells will grow back . Xxx

I only just realised it haven’t been even 6 months from my last smear 19th of June and they sent me the letter that I need to do the test?! Now I do worry :frowning: