6 month repeat smear after colposcopy

I had a loop cone biopsy done in june for cin3, prior to this i had abnormal bleeding for around 9 months, i have been using the contraceptive implant for 5 years which stops my periods completely and had not bled before this, after healing from the biopsy my periods had stopped again as normal. now i'm approaching my 6 month check up after my colposcopy and i have started bleeding abnormaly again. I'm a little worried i'm going to get abnormal results back again, how many times can lletz be performed before it's not possible to do it anymore and is it possible after only 6 months that i could get an abnormal result again. my results from my loop cone biopsy came back clear with all affected areas taken away in the procedure.

Hello Racheypie,

I think this is one of those 'let's cross that bridge when we come to it' situations. There really is no advantage to worrying about your results before you get them and planning evasive action on the off-chance they aren't as good as you hoped. If you wait for your appointment, and then wait for the results, your doctors will be best suited to give you advice should you need any when the time comes. I hope that doesn't sound like a brush-off, but there's nothing to be achieved by planning for a worst-case scenario until such time as you have one.

Be lucky ;-)