6 month MRI scan results in

If only to give hope to others in my situation, just wanted to post my 6 month scan results came in today and no noticable recurrance for me. Feeling so, so lucky given my history. 

I also felt various niggles here and there in my back and upper abdomen and fretted over nothing. Just post op and radiotherapy/healing. 

I'm now going to book that holiday to the Maldives my husband promised!

Thanks to all who have helped me previously and as a result I've also booked on the Women V Cancer trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Need to give back as well as get fit!

Julie x


Fab news Julie ..... Enjoy the holiday xx

Hi Julie

Fabulous news! What a huge relief it must be, you certainly deserve some r&r in beautiful tranquility.


Great news Julie.Thanks for sharing :-)

Do you need anybody to carry your bags to the Maldives!!!LOL!

All the best for the future

Becky x

Lovely to hear good news!  :)

You deserve to have an amazing holiday!



And some fabulous trips lined up as well! Don't worry about having anyone carry your bags to the Maldives, you need only one bikini, one pair of flip-flops & one eyeliner. You can buy a bangle when you get there :-)          (Sorry Becky ;-)  )

Have a wonderful, wonderful time!



Yeah....Thanks for that Tivoli ;-))

Greek island for me then LOL! Xx


Come on over Becky! You missed the olive harvest but it was rubbish :-)



BRILLIANT NEWS Julie, have a fab time on holiday. Tivoli my friends in Greece have just harvested their olives lol xxx

Hope they got a better result than ours! Hardly worth getting the nets out! ;-)

Brilliant news Hunni xx

Looks like they did by the pics lol. They press the best olive oil I've tasted lol xxxx