6 month follow up smear

Hi everyone, just got the news back from the hospital that my 6 month follow up smear (i also had a colposcopy) has come back normal and HPV negative, im so relieved, had convinved myself it was going to come back abnormal or i wouldn't have gotton rid of the virus. Been so scared.

Thanks to all the ladies on here for your support and words of wisdom over the past few months, i have learnt that google certainly isnt your friend!!!

Good luck to all the other ladies waiting on test results and to those going through treatment.

I feel blessed to have caught the nasties when i did and thank god for the NHS. 

I will always encourage friends and family to go for their smears as im sure you all will, it most definitely saves lives.


Yay, so good! Really pleased for you x

Thanks hunny, hope yours come through quickly x