6 month follow up smear

Hi all

I had the LLETZ a little over 6 months to treat CIN 3. My results came back from that and said they couldn't be sure they got all the cells (??!!!) And there would be 6 month follow up smear. I just received my follow up smear results and woohooo... all clear! It said no HPV detected so they didn't test for CIN, now back to 3 year scans.

As relieved as I am, there is a niggle at the back of my brain saying 3 years is a really long time considering I still have HPV, it just wasn't active at the time of this smear.

Am I being ridiculous? Should I just be really happy and wait 3 years and hope for the best?



Yes, you should be happy with the results. It takes many years for abnormal cells to turn into cancer, and when I say many years (10 to 15 years). This is why it's every 3 years before you get checked...So you are safe until then.