6 month follow up smear - results update

Hello all!! Just wanted to share that I received the results of my first follow up smear since the removal of CIN 3 by LLETZ in October - and it is good news!!! I got the all clear - normal results and no HPV present. The letter says I do not have to go back until 2016 (I'm just going to double check this with the doctor as I thought  the check-ups needed to be annually for a while) but either way I am so RELIEVED. Literally jumped up and down when I opened the letter, could not be happier. I know, having been an avid reader of this site since the beginning of my cervix troubles, that it is nice to see the good outcomes on these posts. 6 months ago, I was a wreck and every test seemed to bring a worse outcome: initial smear showed moderate dysk, biopsy showed CIN 2/3, LLETZ biopsy showed CIN3, unclear margins. I mentally prepared for another set of abnormal results as I just felt the world was against me! Hope this provides some hope and reassurance to the newbies out there. Thank you so much to everyone who has provided me with info, support and guidance over the last few months - really don't know what I would have done without this site! xxx

Congratulations :) fantastic news on no HPV and no more smears till 2016! I'm jealous my next test is 2014! x x x

Congratulations! Amazing News!


K x

Worriedyetoptimistic....thankyou soooo much for sharing your wonderful news. Like you my results went from borderline smear to cin/cgin3, to unclear margins x2 to colpo under GA last week & I've been fearing the worst but it seems I can relax! I honestly thought the next step was going to be a hysterectomy. I'd really convinced myself of the worse. Yet it seems there can be light at the end of the tunnel. I'm thrilled for you (though I too thought you had to go back to at least annual check-ups after.) Thankyou for sharing & I hope I have as positive results as you. Just another 4 wks or so of more waiting for them! Lol

Congratulations.  That's really reassuring to know from someone at the beginning of all this

Aww thanks all!! Still can't quite believe it. I've said it before but this whole experience has changed me - that I went through those horrible, awful dark times fearing the worst to being here now - I am so much stronger and resilient. I don't think I will ever think that I am "cured" as I know that this can recur at any point in the future but I am thankful to be OK for now!

Becky - I didn't know that you got normal results too - congratulations!! We've been on here roughly the same time - you've been a lot of support! Here's to now moving forward with our lives and putting this whole stressful awfulness behind us :) 

And to all those that are going through the treatment process - good luck and be strong! Keep us all posted with your progress. I will still pop along to this site to offer help if needed. xxx