6 month follow up smear and HPV home test


I had my 6 month test of cure last Thursday at the colposcopy clinic. The nurse said they weren’t testing for HPV, it was only a smear test (still awaiting results). Obviously I panicked and ordered an online HPV test kit and sent it off on the Saturday. Got my results today that state no HPV 16, 18 or other High Rick types. I’m feeling very happy about this result and finally feel like I can relax a bit since all of this started in December last year! Has anyone else used a home test kit? I just wondered how popular they are?

Changes I made since diagnosis of CIN 3 include:

 - rejoining the gym and going 4-5 times per week

-  lots more outdoor physical activities with family on weekends and days off

- less caffiene 

- trying more proactively to not get anxious about things (yoga, reading, mindfulness etc)

- daily vitamins : folate, B12, Selenium, Mushroom compound, Turmeric & Curcumin

My background is:

36 years old, non smoker, very light drinker (like one glass every fortnight) married with 2 kids

All previous smears up to date and clear

Scheduled smear in Oct 18

High grade abnormal result and colposcopy in Dec 18, 3 x biopsies taken and was told to return for cold coagulation.

Returned in Feb 19 for treatment only for the cells to have developed further. Given LLETZ instead. Biopsies had showed CIN 3 and some CIN 1. 

Results of LLETZ - Clear margins all CIN removed and no evidence of CGIN. 

August 19 follow up smear at clinic - awaiting results

August 19 home hpv test negative for all high risk hpv.