6 Month Follow Up Result

Hi everyone,

So following LLETZ for CIN III back in June I had a follow up colposcopy on 30th Nov.

The consultant said everything looked good and took a smear.

Just received my results today and am ecstatic as my smear is negative and my HPV test of cure is also negative. I now return to routine 3 yearly recall.

Good luck to all you lovelies who have your 6 month check up coming up, especially those of you who went through it all round about the same time as I did. Big shout out to Moggsy!

I’d encourage anyone who receives a good news result to let others know as it can really help to reassure.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Much love,

Peanut xx

That's brilliant news - thank you for sharing. Happy Christmas! x


Hey Peanut, fantastic news :-D I am so pleased for you! And great that you got the results before xmas-now you can relax and concentrate on enjoying yourself :-)

Still got a couple of months to wait for my 6 month check, am keeping fingers crossed it's good news.

Have a great Christmas



Great news! I have another check up tomo and great to read your positive story. Much love x