6 Month follow up appointment

Hello, I went back for 6 month follow up appointment yesterday. Had smear done and swab taken of some discharge. Colposcopy showed changes again so had biopsy performed. Whilst doing this the lady removed my coil by accident. A few hours after I experienced excruciating left side back pain, which is not improving. I’ve suffered alot with back pain but this pain is so bad that I can hardly move. Could it be from having my legs in stirrups which has aggravated my sciatic nerve or could it be something more sinister. I’m feeling really worried. Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Hi Blossom Hill - did you originally have a LEEP (LLETZ) procedure? Sorry, but what is a coil?

Hi Traveler81,

I didn't have leep procedure last time as she thought the cells looked lower than what the smear suggested. I had my 6 month checkup at hospital and colposcopy booked which obviously meant they were concerned. The coil is a contraceptive device also known as mirena which is placed in your cervix. I have actually been sterilsed so I only had it to help with my painful periods and heavy bleeding. I've had it for 4 years and it's the best thing ever for me. However now I don't have it I've got my monthly back. They told me I could have it put back in once I have results. 6 weeks after if I need leep procedure. Still waiting for the results at the moment and feel like I'm going crazy!!!