6 month follow up after CIN3 and Lletz

Hi everyone,


I had abnormal smear back in February, followed by Lletz procedure and an agonizing wait for results which happily (kind of!) came back as CIN2-3. The whole experience reduced me to a quivering wreck, but it also made me re-evaluate my life. So I decided at the last minute to pack my bags and go see the world. I have just returned from the trip of a lifetime seeing Thailand, China, Australia and New Zealand. I'm extremely lucky that my boyfriend waited for me whilst I did my travelling, and my employees gave me unpaid leave so I had a job that I love to return to! 


But now it's back to reality- I just booked my 6 month follow up smear test for 31st October. I'm hoping that everything is fine and I don't lose the plot like before. I feel stronger and have a clearer mind now.


I spent time away wondering how the women who supported me on here, are getting on. I hope everyone is well, and now I am back I can offer support to those who need it. This forum is truly a godsend.


Anyway, just an update and saying hi


Lulu x


Wow how amazing are you! 

I hope it really was an experience of a life time for you.

I think it's completely natural to start to worry again now it's coming up for check up time. Infact I'm not sure there is many that wouldn't begin to worry!

Your right, this site is an amazing site for support for us all. 

Try and keep yourself busy to help the time pass easier & keep us posted. 



Thanks for the reply Johanna,

I don't think I am amazing at all. The experience I had was amazing, and my family,friends, work and my boyfriend are all amazing for supporting me in my decision to up and leave! I felt a little like I was running away at first but it gave me time and space to appreciate how lucky I am, and to figure out what I want etc.
Work (I'm a nurse) most definitely keeps me busy and when I'm not working I am in the gym or with family and friends so I keep very busy which helps. I'm just finding those little nerves are creeping in about the smear- well not the process itself just the results. But I cannot do anything except get it done and wait and keep positive. 
How are you coping with everything? 
LuLu xx

I really do think your so brave! 

I don't think I'd ever have the guts to do something like that! 

I'm feeling better now I have a treatment plan and date. 

im sure youl agree all the waiting and not knowing is one of the hardest battles. 

I'm already worrying about my next smear which will be in 6 months after surgery so I can understand your anxiety. 

The joys of being a woman! 


Hi Lulu and Johanna, hope you're both well considering.. hope you don't mind me replying (this is my first post on this site) but I had my first smear on 30th September, with high grade dyskaris results (sorry for the spelling). I had a Coloscopy on Monday, where they carried out a Lletz, she only told me I will get an appointment either at the drs for another smear in 6 months or another coloscopy appointment. just wondering, should I now be expecting some results from my Lletz? she didn't mention that I would be expecting any?

thanks for your help, I will say try not to worry but I'm sure I will be the same as you in 6months time. keep positive xxx

Hi Sammy,

I had my colposcopy Monday too. I was told that he thought it was CIN3 which was what had been predicted by smear. I had the loop incision to remove 5 patcher of the bad cells and was told that I would receive a letter with results within 2-3 weeks - he did say it was likely to be back in 2 weeks. If results are ok then I return in 6 months then annually for a further 9 years xx Hope that helps x

thanks furby,

2weeks on Monday I'll have been waiting.. I'm sure mine will be fine.


good luck to you too! xxx