6 month follow Colposcopy an d HPV Test of Cure (children mentioned)

Hi Ladies

I first must start with I have not been diagnosed with CC but I am a week away from returning for my 6 month follow up after receiving LLETZ treatment for CIN2 CIN3. I was advised that I did not have clear margins however most times after the treatment the cells change to normal within 6 months. What I am concerned about is why I must return to hospital for the smear, colposcopy and HPV test of cure whilst others seem to return to the GP for the 6 month follow up… is this because I didn’t have clear margins?

Will they do further LLETZ treatment if they see Precancerous cells there and then and also has anybody returned for the 6 month check after receiving the “no clear margins” results and been faced with infact it has spread and advanced to early stages CC?

I am sorry for the questions, I have held it together for 6 months and now I think I am starting to panic with the “what ifs”

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Love to you all


Hi Charlotte 

I also had CIN3 and had a lletz procedure done last May but as it didn't have clear margins I had to have another lletz done in July which they say was clear! I returned today for my test of cure(should have been Januar) and it was also at the colposcopy unit at the hospita! 

I was told that it should always be done at the hospital for the 6month follow up

Try not to worry too much 


thank you so much for responding. when you returned in July for your follow up did they say you still had CIN3? is that why you had further LLETZ treatment?

I wonder If I have to have further treatment if it will affect my chance of having a second baby? I think this is why I am worried about it as I am really wanting another baby.. oh well only one week to wait and find out!

I am pleased that you now have the all clear must be a huge relief fr you


Hi they weren't great with information but the first let's they didn't remove enough apparentl,it was only at the second lletz treatment that they told me it was CIN3! My results from that were all clear! 

Today was my 6month follow up so waiting again for results as she wasn't sure weather to be worried about an area or if it was just scarring from the lletz 

I totally understand your concern about having another baby,I'm sure there are things they can do to help a pregnancy go to full term! 

Ive read a few helpful posts on here about pregnancy after treatment,maybe they can help you feel reassured! 

I was lucky that way as I've already had my 2 kids but if I wanted more it would worry me too.

best of luck to you x