6 month colposcopy review - biopsy question

Hi Ladies

I went to the hospital this morning for my 6 month colposcopy review - The consultant attempted to take a biopsy a couple of times but she was having trouble - not sure if this was something to do with the instrument as she was asking the nurses for something different (which it appears they didn't have!).

The consultant decided to give me a local anesthetic and take a biopsy that way. I've not had lletz treatment previously however from reading the forum, I'm aware of what happens. Whilst I was having the local anesthetic the nurse set the machine up and put the earth pad on my thigh. She then pressed the 'lletz' button on the machine and it began to do it's job.

Because of this, I asked the nurse if I was having lletz treatment - She said not but it was the same thing. I could smell burning afterwards (as some ladies have mentioned on here). I just wondered if anybody had had a biopsy taken this way? If she could see something abnormal, I just wondered why she didn't carry on and get rid of the area whilst she was there, as surely I will only have to go back again if the sample is confirmed as CIN etc.

I was just looking for some advice really :)

Sarah xx




Hi Sarah, it sounds as though the doc has taken a small biopsy using the same technology as they use for lletz, they have different sized wires so it could have been a much smaller piece they took just for diagnostic purposes. You havent had moderate/severe abnormalities confirmed in the past so it makes sense that they would want to check out what is going on before deciding to treat.

If the normal biopsy equipment was malfunctioning/unavailable it just sounds as though they have used what they had to hand to make sure you had a biopsy sample sent off for diagnosis.