6 Month Colposcopy Follow Up

Hi everyone,

After having LLETZ treatment for CIN III back in June I had my 6 month follow up earlier today.

I had a colposcopy along with a smear test. The consultant did the whole package, putting a dye on the cervix to look for any abnormalities. Of course I have to wait on my smear and HPV result but was relieved when the consultant said my cervix had healed really well, looked in tip top condition and that no abnormalities could be seen. He said this was great news and he’d be surprised if the smear result wasn’t normal.

Fingers crossed but at the mo I’m over the moon!! Yeh go me!

Wishing you all the very best.

Love Peanut xx

Hey Peanut

Great news, glad that the follow up isnt too traumatic and that it sounds like you will get the right results :-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the same in a couple of months time!

x x

Hi Moggsy,

I'll be sure to post when I get my smear results. Oh and like you I'm 44 so it just goes to show you that a dreaded abnormal smear result can hit at any age!

Let's hope we both get the good results we want and deserve and can put all this behind us.

Take care

Peanut xx

Yes indeed, I will keep fingers crossed for you!

All the best