6 month checkup

Hi everyone hope you are all well, havnt been on here in a while, I had the leep procedure done last October for CIN2, I have a checkup tomorrow after 6 months, I'm just wondering if andbody knows if this will just be a smear or another colposcopy?? I thought I would have just gone back to being seen by the gp but this is at the hospital, thanks in advance for any advice. 

normally it's a colposcopy and they might take a smear during the colposcopy... that's what they did with me anyway. They need to make sure they've got rid of it all. all the best... I pretty much guarentee its a very uneventful experience!

Thanks for reply spacebunny I was hoping it would just be a smear :( this will be the third colposcopy so I don't feel nervous 1 bit right now, suppose that's a good thing x