6 month check

I had my 6 month check yesterday, was absaloutly terrified and nearly threw up on the poor nurse.... in the end she was amazing, said i was very brave and gave me a sticker!! haha

I asked if she would be testing for HPV and they will do this time.


Im really scared about the results given last time when at my first smear i got CIN 2/3 that was in May last year, so now its been another 6 months and im just..... panicky that it will come back bad again.....

I couldnt cope with the colposcopy and the doctor was mean..... (probably wasnt as bad as he was in my mind)



If the result comes back okay but HPV positive will i need to go for another colposcopy??


Any help/advice/answer question gratefully received


Thank you x


As far as I'm aware (I'm no expert but I read up a hell of a lot and asked so many questions) you would only need further investigation if the HPV is one of the high-risk types.  There are 120 known types of HPV.  Of these, 15 are classed as High Risk, 3 as mid (Probable high risk) and 12 as low risk.  

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage (I'm waiting for my 6 month follow up results after having a LLETZ last year so I know how you're feeling, however I was tested for HPV and it was negative so my dyskariosis was caused by other factors) which I know is easier said than done.  

Most types of HPV clear up on their own and aren't any real risk to health (it causes warts & veruccas etc) so the chances of you needing another colp. seem slim.  The HPV info on Jo's Trust can explain more about it or you can check out the Wikipedia page which is also really useful.  There's a lot of medical terms and things that non-medical professionals won't understand but it's easy enough to work out the basics.

I don't think they'd ask you to come in for a colposcopy unless you have CIN cells again.  If you're really worried, give your colposcopy office a call and ask, each NHS trust has slightly different procedures so they'll be able to tell you exactly what they do.  

And remember, try not to worry too much about the results, you've been responsible and done everything that you persoanlly can.

Good luck!


Liz x