6 month check up

hello ladies, i hope everyone is doing well in here. i haven't logged on in so long since my treatment finished life got crazy busy and after my treatment once I got the all clear And in a way I wanted to forget about what I had been through but it is selfish of me and I feel I should help others on here as much as the women helped me on here throughout it all. Since treatment (6months ago) I split from my partner, started a new full time job within the career I want, started a new online digital course within this field and now started training in Italy /London to become a yoga teacher alongside this. So life's been Productive. I am now in the processing of viewing places to live. I have had pretty much no side effects apart from my bowels playing up when I go to the toilet but nothing unmanageable, I still bleed when using the dilators but I'm constantly on the go and rarely get overly tired but every now and then I do but that's just because I have long busy days so nothing out the ordinary. 

however I have just kind of got on with things and I had my six months check up Thursday and went on my lunch break thinking I'd be in and out within an hour all done see you in 3 months time. No they have found something :-(( they don't know what it is, they just said it looks irregular up there and want to know what it is because theee months ago it had all gone. back next week for a gyno appointment and week after for MRI. I burst into tears and just took me right back to last year and I felt so scared. 


Can i ask has anyone had this experience? If the cancer is back what treatment would I have? What are my options? 


It could be scar tissue but it also could be the cancer and I'm petrified now.


any ladies out there got not the all clear after 6 months?

thanks for reading my post. You are all incredibly strong women on here 



Hello geoxxx

im so sorry you are again in limbo wondering what is to come. It's great to hear you have been busy making extraordinary changes in your life that are amazing. Way to go you!!!!

did you have a scan at this 6 mth appointment or just a physical exam? My three mth scan showed some abnormal tissue but it was determined to be scar tissue. I did ask will there be more tissue that could develop between my 3mth and 6 mth scan and was told there could be different changes that happen in the first year as things need to heal and cell structure is still changing abit in the normal cells around the area the tumour was. 

Hopefully it is just scar tissue and you can get back to being the new fabulous you!!

Just a physical examination I haven't had a scan yet since treatment . Yes hoping its scar tissue. But still the uncertainty killing me.

thank you I just felt like life's too short and I have to live life now.


hope you are ok? xxx



Hi. Tivoli said she didn't get the all clear for a long time after treatment

Hi Geo

im sure it will be scar tissue!  It's funny how different places follow different protocol. Really do try not to worry too much, I know this is like asking the impossible but stay positive. 

I'm doing great, I had a scan 2 weeks ago and in another week I will get my results. Waiting sucks regardless of what it is ....



lolli has said it all 

it could possibly be scar tissue I recall a lady on here having a scan and was told it was scar tissue try not to worry till you know what the outcome is 

good on you to be out there living your life and keeping busy sounds like your a strong determined woman keep that up 

i know that the treatment works for months after finishing I finished chemo rads in July 2015 the tumors never went but I know that every 3 month scan I went for they had shrunk  a little every time by June 2016 I had to have a pet scan and the results of my tumor on my cervix even though it hadn't gone and was still 1cm had no cancer in it so was put down to scar tissue 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Geoxxx I am so pleased you spent your time so productively these last 6 months It sounds like you're in a good space. I am a little reluctant to tell you this but everything worked out fine in the end. I'm well and cured as much as anyone can be. The bastard came back at 6 months. It lead to a further 15 months of treatment. It's amazing what you can cope with. I tell you this because although I hope for the best for you if it doesn't pan out that way there are options and still the possibility of cure. Don't despair. It seems to me like you have the capacity to deal well with what's thrown your way. Of course it may just be that annoying scar tissue and then you will enjoy your life even more. Good luck Jayne

Thanks everyone will keep you posted. I have gyno today. Then scannext week xxx

Hi Geo

Sooooo good to hear how you have been doing, and all the positives in your life. Go you!

I know it's not easy, but like the other girls have said, try not to worry until you know for sure. I have read so many stories on here of girls being called in for further testing/scans because of how tissue /radiated organs appear after treatment. 

I am really going to crossing all fingers and toes for you. Please stay in touch on here and let us know how you get on. 

Again, it's really inspiring to hear how much you have been doing for yourself.


Rosie xx

Thanks Rosie. Hope you are keeping well and nice to hear from you too. xx

So i had my MRI after my internal examination and they discussed results today at MDT. Nurse called me today to say the MRI shows something really small and they arent sure what it is and do not know until it gets bigger?!?! So they said i need to go under general and have an internal examination to find out what is it? Anyone else had this?  XXXX

Hi Geo. Sorry to hear that you still haven't been reassured, but at least they are being super thorough. I didn't get all the way to an EUA, but nearly. I had a couple of odd cells show up (my 3 month was a PET). I then had to have an MRi, which confirmed no evidence of disease, just a small cyst that lots of women have and not cancer related. Had the MRI not shown enough detail I had been told that an EUA would be next, with a biopsy of the 'odd' area if the surgeon thought it looked dodgy on close inspection. I was told (because I'm a nightmare for pestering with "what then...?") that a simple hysterectomy would be the option to remove it if the biopsy showed cancer cells. I assume that the biopsy from the hysterectomy tissue would have determined if any further chemo was needed. My consultant did press the point that there had been nothing there at the end of treatment and that this first year will be full of odd bits of us healing in a variety of ways that dont always fit the text book, but that they will over investigate everything early on. Having poured over old posts trying to find other people that had dodgy scans or exams in the first year, but went on to get the all clear, there are a fair few.

Anne xx