6 month check up smear in 4 weeks

Hey everyone,

So I had LLETZ treatment for CIN2 in August last year and have my follow up smear booked for 3rd February.

I'm now starting to panic.

I had a start date for the RAF of September last year but because of my LLETZ treatment it was cancelled and everything is now riding on this smear being normal and me being free of HPV.

Any positive stories/comments people would like to share?


Sarah xx

Hi sorry i cart help but dint want to read n run  i hope everyhing gose ok and get in the raf  respect to you hun xxxx

Hope it all goes well for you Sarah. Try to keep busy until the smear. Come back and let us know how you get on either way :) Sure it will all be ok - the lletz does have a very high success rate. Did you have clear margins at lletz? I am waiting for my lletz results and can already imagine how you feel.

Thanks Citrus. My results mentioned nothing about margins so I am assuming they were clear. Fingers crossed! I shall try to keep busy :) x

Thanks Katie :) xxx