6 Month Check Up Looming

Hi Ladies,

Sorry for this post as it's more of a need to vent than a need to ask questions.

I've got my 6 months check up on Wednesday next week and i'm feeling a little frantic. I was never really given much explanation after my Lletz in February. A lettter came through to say that my treatment "should" have been adequate but this was all I heard. Looking back I know I should have got back in touch with them to find out exactly whether I had clear margins but I was just too relieved that I didn't need to go for 6 months.

Now looking back, i'm concerned my follow up appointment isn't a smear, but i'm going straight for a colposcopy as I haven't really seen anyone on here that this has happened to. I feel like straight away this indicates that they didn't manage to get all the cells.

I have everyone telling me, oh your fine, it'll all have gone but i'm having a hard time staying positive. This wasn't helped by the fact me and my partner had sex 2 weeks ago and afterwards we were both covered in blood. The sheets were a mess and I carried on bleeding for the next day on and off. It wasn't anything like being on my period though, it was very watery and orange (sorry for the tmi). Me and my partner haven't had a very active sex life since my Lletz under GA in February as my op was more invasive than planned and I took around 10 weeks to heal in total. This left me petrified to have sex incase anything like this happened, and just as things started to get back on track for us, it did.  I tried to move forward my appointment after this but they couldn't bring it further forward so i'm stuck till Wednesday to ask questions.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? I know I posted something about the bleeding a couple of weeks ago but I'm just at a loss at the moment and I guess I just need to hear something positive.

Thanks in advance x

I have my one year colposcopy check on Wedenesday week. Mine was only CIN1 with no smear in between so I would not be worried that you're going straight for colposcopy instead of a smear. I believe its just precautionary, and who would want to go through the whole process of smear and then colposcopy with all the waiting in between again, so you're better off going straight for this.

Perhaps there was some scar tissue or similar that caused the bleeding, seeing as it took you so long to heal from thee Lletz, and the fact that you haven't had much sex since. The waiting is hardest, but I'm sure next Wednesday they will be able to tell you so much more, and hopefully put your mind to rest on the day.

Thoughts are with you and best of luck tomorrow xxx

Thank you so much for replying, you've definitely helped put my mind at ease :) Good luck with your check up colposcopy xxx