6 Month check up looming after CIN3 :(

Hi all

I am back again after 6 months as my follow up smear is due in less than 2 weeks. I am absolutely terrified that im going to go and it has come back, or worse! I recently went to see a specialist nurse at my surgery who gave me a cervical examination as i was experiencing some pain and spotting during and shortley after sex. She told me that everything looked healthy and that I had healed very well. So im hoping that that is a good sign. I dont have periods as I am on the depo but what i was wondering is would someone who had cc still have symptoms of bleeding even if their periods had stopped from the injection???

Many Thanks

Ellie xxx

Hi Elmo,

Sorry I can't offer any advice, but I'm in a similar situation to you. Got my 6 month check up on Monday after Lletz for CIN3 from my first smear. Feeling very nervous but i have a feeling I'll be ok.

i have been very irregular since treatment and a little pain during sex for a while althought no bleeding after.. I guess all we can do is wait and see..

It's good news that the nurse didnt spot anything though as I would have thought she could have spotted CCif it was there? 

Good luck xxx

Hey Sammy

Thanks for replying. Yeah I would have also thought the gyne nurse would have spoted something sinister last month aswell. You just hear all these horror stories of doctors/nurses missing things and your mind runs away with you :( Im a natural worrier anyway so this is doing me no good at all. I read though that for 95-98% of women who have treatment for abnormal cells it is a success and they dont need any following treatment so I hope im in that bracket! and I also hope u are too hun. Its pretty good odds though so fingers crossed! Let me know how it goes Monday.

Love Ellie xxx 

Thanks Ellie,

Monday went well, it was at the colposcopy unit rather than docs for some reason, but they still only did a smear and had a look, I had some spotting though which I've been having on and off since last Lletz but apparently this is coincidence..

need to wait 3-4 weeks for results and when/if all is ok, I will go back to 3yearly :)

just hope is doesn't come back inconclusive due to the spotting..

back to the waiting game for me.. When's your check up?

Sam x

Hi Ellie - I'm in the same boat. Follow up smear tomorrow after CIN3 in October. Absolutely dreading it - not so much the smear but the waiting afterwards, jumping everytime the phone rings or the letter box goes. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's good news for all of us xx