6 month check up and colosopy required again :(

Hi there I wonder if someone can help me :)

in January 2014 I went for my smear test and showled I had abnormal cells so I went for my colosopy and found out I needed treatment , In march 2014 I went under a general and had these cells removed and had my results back as CIN2 with clear margins I was relieved and had to come back in 6 months time for the smear to be repeated again 

this was my first ever smear at 25 and was terrified 

I had my smear repeated 2 weeks ago and my results came back normal but my HPV was high risk and I needed a colosopy done I'd recieve a letter in 2 weeks with a appointment , 2 days later I had my letter and my appointment was next week 

has anyone else had this before and if so what happened as I'm rather scared of going through it all again 

Hi Hun,

I had CIN3 removed in February and had my 6 month check up last month. I was sent straight for a colposcopy instead of smear as I had had such a large amount removed.

All they did was put the solution on and check nothing showed up, which it didn't, then they took a smear test.

As you've already had a smear, they will most likely just put the solution on to double check the smear results with hpv still being present.

Good luck for your appointment :) x