6 month check up after lletz for cin2 and cgin

Hi Ladies,


Back in January I had a lletz under LA for high grade cgin and cin results were discussed at an MDT meeting and it showed that the abnormal cells were removed with clear margins and i was to come back in 6 months for a smear and colposcopy.

I had my 6 month check up a few days ago, before the colposcopy I had a chat with the consultant who told me I had actually had a cone biopsy in jan under a local anasthetic!! She said that based on my previous colposcopy I'd had a few weeks before she was expecting to just do the LLETZ procedure however the abnormal cells were worse than expected and she decided to go ahead and do a cone biopsy even though she would normally do this under a general anastheticSurprised

I asked her what would happen next if she found abnormal cells on my colposcopy again and she said that if I had not yet had any children she would be concerned but that as I have 3 and do not wish to have any more, if they find any changes in the future she would prefer that I had a hysterectomy.

So I had the colposcopy and although she didnt see anything obvious she took some biopsies to make sure, so I am now playing the waiting game again for my results.... which may take longer than usual as she said they may wish to discuss it at the MDT again. But this time Im determined not to spend the next 4 weeks worrying and waiting for the postman everyday!!