6 month check up after hpv treatment and called for colposcopy gain as hpv still present



I recently had a check-up smear 6 months after having had treatment for cin2 hpv cells. I had the cold coagulation (laser) treatment.


My smear has come back as cells normal but hpv was found in my sample which could mean there are cell changes. I am a bit confused as my first colposcopy appointment 7-8 months ago was better explained (abnormal cells), however this letter is first telling me my cells are normal but in the next paragraph that hpv is present in my sample so my cells might not be normal?! 


Anyone had this? Obviously I'll know much more when I have the colposcopy done but I thought maybe someone could let me know if they've experienced this before. 


From what I have read hpv can stay in someone for 2 years but does that necessarily mean in the cervix too and that's why they have found it, I thought the treatment I had was meant to have got rid of the hpv that was present?


Anyway, any help or advice would be much appreciated :)

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I have had 3 smears…all have positive so was reffered for a colposcopy ( that’s more than 2yrs??)
I had a biopsy taken and have CNI2 . I am due back next week for a loop excision of the cervix with a 6 month follow up smear so you are a lot further in the process. I wish you well and I am Interested how things progress for you as I feel we are in a similar position. I am new to the group and unsure of everything but happy to find this forum and any help or support x