6 month check up after cin3 lletz

 Hi all I had my 1st smear in November 2013 got results of cin3 went and had lletz done. I had my 6 month check up today being told will only be a smear.... I ended having the camera to have a closer look, a cotton wool ball inserted followed by 4 swobs and then the smear swob in the process of all this I did bleed only a little bit! while all this was being done I could watch it all on the screen! I had no reinsurance that all was good! I am now very sore and uncomfortable! Is this normal for a 6 month check up?? Xx

Hi Riyle

I only had yearly smears after my LLETZ in 2008, 1st one was 6 month, then 6 month, then every year

Hi Riyle, I've had lletz and am on 6 month smears too, at my last one I bled a little and it came back completely clear so don't be too worried about it. I'm always sore and uncomfortable after smears too. Good luck with your results, I have my next smear next week so I'll have the nervous wait for results too.

I had to have my 6 mth smear after Lletz in Spetember 2013.  I have to say it brought back memories which made the smear harder to as I clamped my muscles.  After relaxing though the nurse tried to 'find' my cervix which proved a struggle as I also have an elastic acted cervix so it kept moving.  her words were they've 'hacked about' with it quite a lot.  eventuallu I got into a position where she could find it the pain as she did it was horrible.   I've never had pain from a smear, discomfort yes but this was proper pain.  She did say it may still be tender from the procedure.  Unfortuntaly the pain got a bit much & she had to stop, not knowing if she got enough cells.  If she didn't I have to go through the whole thing again in a couple of month but at the hospital & all future smear will be at the hospital


Thank u all for your reply!  I felt ok after a couple of days so that's good! Just didn't no if what thay done was what thay do on the check up! But still havnt heard anything yet so as that say no news is good news! :-) xx