6 month check up after 1a1

Hi everyone

Had my 6 month check up after cone today. The consultant said she would do a colposcopy only and smear in 3 months because she had trouble viewing cervix following the treatment last year so it would be hard to get cells for smear at this time. She tested for hpv which I still have so my immune system hasn't kicked it into touch yet but I'm not worried. I mentioned irregular periods since treatment so she's sending me for ultrasound to be on safe side but thinks it's just due to age. Will keep you posted but so far so good. Xx

Hi SLB :)

I'm glad to hear your check up has gone well :)

Is this your first check up post op? 

I've had irregular periods since my LLETZ ops but I was on the pill for years up to diagnosis so I think that may be why - I didn't know if perhaps this could be the reason for you.

Good luck with your future check ups :)

Hi Jenny, yes my first check up since the cone. I haven't been on the pill for many years so not sure what is causing it but I'm sure it wil be fine. Hope your future check ups go well too x

Hi everyone,


Just an update; had my 12 month check up yesterday and they still can't view my cervix or take a smear due to scar tissue.  They will try again within 2 weeks and hopefully it will work!  The nurses and consultant were lovely about it and said it can happen from time to time but was nothing to worry about.  I'll keep you updated.