6 month check up abnormal

Hi Everyone

You'll see from the details below my post that I had two LLETZ treatments last year for CGIN.  I had my 6 month follow up smear on the 24th of March and have only just found out the results today.  The results show minor changes and I have to go in for a colposcopy on the 18th of May.  Bit frustrated that only 6 months on and there are abnormalities again despite having two treatments in a row.  As far as I can see it, there are two possibilites here, one is that they didn't actually get all the abnormalities last time and they have been there for 6 more months which makes me worry a bit about how they may have developed.  The other possibility is that they are completely new abnormal cells which have appeared in the last 6 months and may not even need treatment if they are minor.  I can't actually decide which scenario would be better!  On the one hand it would be worrying if they didn't get all the cells last time but on the other hand it is worrying that despite having all the cells removed last time that they have returned in such a short space of time!  Does anyone else have any experience of this?  Also if the smear result says minor changes is that for definite or could it be the the colposcopy shows that they are actually more severe than that?


Thanks in advance for any advice! x

Hi. I’m going through something similar. It’s unlikely that It’s leftover from your previous lletz because they won’t discharge you until you have clear margins, which is why you had a second lletz. Cin is caused mostly by a virus and sometimes your body takes time to get rid of it. Lletz are 95% effective in helping our immune system get rid of the infection but some of us unfortunately need repeat treatment. When you have your colposcopy they will be able to see how big it is and what it is. They might take biopsies or go straight for treatment. Good luck.